SkillCraft Chess Course

SkillCraft is a course created especially for our students, those who have already enrolled in the Grandmaster Package. This doesn’t mean it isn’t beneficial for anyone looking to improve their chess skills, but for now, we’ve reserved this course exclusively for our students! Through this course, we aim to revolutionize your approach to chess and … Read more

Test your Chess

Four sets of puzzles – 120 positions in total – will test your chess from club player up to International Master level. First of all, solving chess positions is an excellent chess training and more complex than ‘tactics’ that have a unique solution. We selected positions from key moments of the game, when a better … Read more

Systems of Champions

SYSTEMS OF CHAMPIONS Best Systems & Best Players In this course we present the best systems in chess (in opening, middlegame, endgames), played by the best players in the world. There are 144 games abundant in ideas and techniques that we analyze thoroughly. We present and explain hundreds of different chess positions, in all the … Read more

Practical Chess

PRACTICAL CHESS From Club Player to Grandmaster This course is designed to improve your practical chess, effectively your results against your typical opposition… from club level players to strong masters and beyond. A drawback with the lessons and examples from typical chess materials is that: 1. they are taken from the grandmasters‘ practice and 2. they show positions … Read more

Openings Preparation

This is an Opening Repertoire which works very well together with Grandmaster Package. We teach more openings for both White and Black so you can choose whatever suits you better. We start by EXPLAINING THE IDEAS of the openings and what you and your opponent should do in all the main variations of the opening. … Read more