Practical Chess

From Club Player to Grandmaster

This course is designed to improve your practical chess, effectively your results against your typical opposition... from club level players to strong masters and beyond.

A drawback with the lessons and examples from typical chess materials is that: 1. they are taken from the grandmasters' practice and 2. they show positions with a clear picture and outcome.

While that is good from some points of view, it might not offer us the most effective instruction.
This is because we usually face a different kind of opposition and situations. Our opponents make decisions sensibly different than grandmasters.

A developing chess player needs first to learn to play (and win) against opposition of his/her level. Then against the next level and so on.
In the "Practical Chess" course, we have carefully selected and annotated 144 games that show the TYPICAL play for different levels. We show thinking errors, strengths and weaknesses of players of different levels, step by step, from club level up to the highest level.
You will learn to recognize and exploit your opponent's weak play and inaccuracies. That is, indeed, a practical way to improve your chess and win more games against your typical opposition.

The course also comes with many quizzes in the key moments of the games, where a good or bad move follows.
There are more than 300 quizzes with instructive solutions. Comparing your solution with our annotations will help you identify strengths and weaknesses in your own play.

Most of the games are played between players of around 200 rating points difference. That way we can also show the differences in their play, how they succeed or fail to win against stronger opposition.

Month 11600-rated players against 1800-rated players
Month 2-31800-rated players against 2000-rated players
Month 4-52000-rated players against 2200-rated players
Month 6-72200-rated players against 2400-rated players
Month 82400-rated players against 2600-grandmasters
Month 92600-grandmasters against top grandmasters, over 2750
Months 10- 2development of genius players from "amateurs" to the strongest in the world:
Sergei KarjakinLevon Aronian, and Magnus Carlsen.

Practical "Rules"

The course is full of practical rules - powerful recommendations that will help you make good practical decisions in similar situations.

PDF + PGN files

All the games are in PDF format that you can print out and study at the real board.
We also provide the PGN files - if you want to use your chess software for a faster study.

BONUS: 144 video lectures

There are two ways to win a chess game when you have a better position:
1. an attack against the opponent king or
2. to enter a technically won endgame

Therefore, we consider that it is very important to know to evaluate and play correctly these critical moments of the game.

The International Master and FIDE Trainer, Nad Petre, will present to you these critical moments of the game in 144 video lectures by analyzing instructive games from the grandmaster practice!

In 72 video lectures you will study the attack and defense and in 72 video lectures fundamental and complex endgames.

Full 12-month Course
$24 * 12 months ($288)
Full Course SALE!

Module 1Annotated Games + Video Lectures
Unit 1Practical Chess - Month 1
Unit 2Practical Chess - Month 2
Unit 3Practical Chess - Month 3
Unit 4Practical Chess - Month 4
Unit 5Practical Chess - Month 5
Unit 6Practical Chess - Month 6
Unit 7Practical Chess - Month 7
Unit 8Practical Chess - Month 8
Unit 9Practical Chess - Month 9
Unit 10Practical Chess - Month 11
Unit 11Practical Chess - Month 12
Unit 12Practical Chess - Month 10