Chess Lessons

Please review this page before diving into the free chess lessons provided.

The excerpts below are from our Grandmaster Package course, originating from our ChessMasterSchool website. Over 20 years, as an online chess school, we’ve helped many students become chess masters, coaches, and even grandmasters. Notably, five of our students have achieved grandmaster status.

How To Study the Chess Lessons

Each lesson begins with a starting position. We recommend spending at least a couple of minutes analyzing this position on your own before reading the lesson. This approach will enhance your understanding and benefit from the lesson.

Start by assessing the material balance, then identify immediate threats and possible tactics for the player who moves first, followed by the opposing side. Evaluate the safety of the kings and the quality of pieces and pawns for both players.

We advise using a physical chess board for your studies rather than a computer screen. Echoing the advice of former World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov: “To truly progress and improve, stick with actual chess pieces. Ensure that you solve everything at the chess board—a real one—not on the computer screen.”

The excerpts are complemented with explanations that may not be included in the original lessons. The reason is that the Grandmaster Package has a clear, ordered structure and the lessons come in a well-thought order. As, here, we give just some excerpts, extra explanations are needed.

Lesson Content and Structure

The excerpts are supplemented with additional explanations not found in the original lessons. This is because the Grandmaster Package is designed with a structured, sequential format, and here we are only providing selected excerpts, necessitating extra clarifications.

Level of the Lessons

Our comprehensive course includes dozens of lessons and exercises that progressively increase in complexity. Currently, we are featuring selections from Month 3 and will continue to add more free lessons.

The course is tailored to transform players into strong players, potentially masters, within a year. Although the lessons might be challenging for beginners, they are crafted to be accessible and understandable to all learners.

After exploring these excerpts, we invite you to rate the quality of our instruction and leave feedback. Your input is highly valued and greatly appreciated.