Important Chess Lessons for You

What are the most important chess lessons for you? Simple: solve the following positions and we’ll know about your strengths and weaknesses in chess!

You’ll see what chess lessons are the most important for you: lessons on openings, strategy, tactics, or endgames. This way, you’ll know what to study more, if you should solve more tactical puzzles or, better, study lessons on strategy or endgames.

studying chess

How we know about the best chess training for you?

You will solve positions from all the phases of the game, opening, middlegame and endgame. As the middlegame is the most complex, long, and hard part of the game, there are more middlegame positions. The positions are not hard, but rather easy. However, we see a lot of easy positions that are not solved correctly… For example, positions that have a simple strategic solution are treated with a ‘tactical artefact’. That means that the player clearly needs to study more strategy and, probably, less tactical ‘challenges’.

Indeed, we have discovered that by studying less chess strategy and solving hundreds of tactical puzzles, the players do not progress. More does not mean better. Better chess training leads to progress. So, players that have not made a progress for a long time need to study serious lessons on chess strategy and advanced techniques of play such as profilaxis, for example.