Test your Chess

Four sets of puzzles – 120 positions in total – will test your chess from club player up to International Master level.

First of all, solving chess positions is an excellent chess training and more complex than 'tactics' that have a unique solution. We selected positions from key moments of the game, when a better plan and move can change the outcome of the game. If you'll find a STRONG move or idea will change the balance of the game. 

We compare the best move with other 'normal', common moves that do not offer the extra advantage in the game and we show the differences.
This way you will learn a very useful thing: HOW TO COMPARE YOUR CANDIDATE MOVES. All players have multiple ideas during the game and sometimes they have difficulties making a decision. Our comparative solutions address exactly this aspect.

Determine Your Level

For each correct move, idea or plan, you'll receive a score. Each set has a maximum of 100 points, so your score will indicate a percentage for that level. This way, you can determine how much work is still needed to reach that level.

SET I: Beginner* - Intermediate
< 50% = Beginner; 50%-80% = Intermediate; >80% = Advanced
* Through beginner, we mean advanced beginner or club player.

SET II: Advanced - Expert
< 30% = Intermediate; 30%-50% = Advanced; 50% - 80% = Expert; >80% = Candidate Master

SET III: Master - FIDE Master
< 30% = not yet Master; 30%-60% = Master; 60%-80% = FIDE Master; >80% = IM

SET IV: International Master
< 30% below Master; 30%-50% Master; 50%-80% = International Master; >80% = Grandmaster

Module 1Test your Chess
Unit 1Test your Chess