Systems of Champions

Best Systems & Best Players

In this course we present the best systems in chess (in opening, middlegame, endgames), played by the best players in the world.

There are 144 games abundant in ideas and techniques that we analyze thoroughly. We present and explain hundreds of different chess positions, in all the phases of the game - opening, middlegame and endgame.

For this course we wanted to present the largest variety of patterns, techniques of play, strategic ideas, combinational motifs, and endgame outcomes. That's why we have chosen and categorized the games based on their opening system. So we have selected games played starting with 12 major opening systems: Nimzovich Defense, Queen's and Bogo Indian, Sicilian, Queen's Gambit, Ruy Lopez, Gruenfeld, French Defense, King's Indian, Caro Kann, Slav Defense, 1.e4 e5 openings, and English Opening.

As Garry Kasparov pointed out, when you know more ideas and patterns, you are able to play well in various positions and be a versatile player. Your confidence will also increase, a factor of first importance in the battle of nerves and minds of the chess players.
When you know more, you are able to be more CREATIVE too.

All the 144 games are played by World Chess Champions against their strong opposition - so with this course you will follow one more important recommendation to improve your chess - 'STUDY THE CLASSICS'.
We analyze games played by the 'classics' like Capablanca, Larsen, Botvinnik, Petrosian, Tal, and also Karpov, Kasparov, and Carlsen. All the World Chess Champions and also their challengers are studied in the 'Systems of Champions' course.

Each game is a serious chess training. The selected games are very tense, have many key-moments and go until the endgame phase. They are real battles between top players with powerful ideas of play, highly instructive. The games are so selected to end in various instructive endgames which we analyze thoroughly.

Instructive Quizzes
There are more than 300 quizzes in the key positions of the game. The diagrams 'hide' very strong moves or ideas. If you try to solve them on your own before looking at the text is a training which improves your power of analysis in complicated positions. The solutions are thoroughly explained so you'll understand the correct 'mechanism' to find the best idea.

PDF + PGN files

All the games are in PDF format that you can print out and study at the real board.
We also provide the ChessBase / PGN files - if you want to use your chess software for a faster study.

BONUS: 96 video lectures

This course comes with a bonus consisting in 96 video lectures. International Master Petre Nad will present interesting new ideas and plans in various opening systems, as played by modern grandmasters. With this bonus, the course can also be used as a modern opening guide if you want to add new ideas, systems or openings into your repertoire.


Full 12-month course
$24 * 12 months ($288)
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Module 1Annotated Games + Video Lectures
Unit 1Systems of Champions - Month 1
Unit 2Systems of Champions - Month 2
Unit 3Systems of Champions - Month 3
Unit 4Systems of Champions - Month 4
Unit 5Systems of Champions - Month 5
Unit 6Systems of Champions - Month 6
Unit 7Systems of Champions - Month 7
Unit 8Systems of Champions - Month 8
Unit 9Systems of Champions - Month 9
Unit 10Systems of Champions - Month 10
Unit 11Systems of Champions - Month 11
Unit 12Systems of Champions - Month 12