Openings Preparation

This is an Opening Repertoire which works very well together with Grandmaster Package. We teach more openings for both White and Black so you can choose whatever suits you better.

We start by EXPLAINING THE IDEAS of the openings and what you and your opponent should do in all the main variations of the opening.
Then, the TO DO LIST given at the end of every critical opening variation will help you understand WHAT and HOW you should do. You will 'memorize' the opening by UNDERSTANDING its ideas.
Our method helps you for the MIDDLEGAME: the plans for attack/defense, the critical squares, ideal pawn structure, bad vs good exchanges and all the other specific things you should take into consideration.

Following our program, you will EASILY and QUICKLY be able to play all the openings you choose getting a solid COMPLETE REPERTOIRE, for both White and Black. Then, we will go deeper into the variations so you can actually MASTER the openings. You can also choose more openings if you like them or just want to surprize your opponents.

Opening Preparation Program

We start with the openings for WHITE and give 2 different repertoires, one with 1.d4 and one with 1.e4. You can choose whichever you want or both.
Then, we study three different openings for BLACK against 1.e4 and three openings against 1.d4.
Black against 1.e4: French Defense, Sicilian Kalashnikov, and Scandinavian Defense.
Black against 1.d4: Semi-Slav Defense, Dutch Stonewall and Dutch Ilyin-Zhenevsky.
There is a good opening choice for every style of play and against any opposition.


The Opening Preparation is designed and structured to work very well together with the "Grandmaster Package". The course is structured in 13 modules of training. However, you get everything at once so you can study the openings in any order you want.

File Types

For your convenience, the lessons and games are presented in three common file formats:

  • PDF document (printable version);
  • Browser version (see directly in your browser), and
  • Chess pgn files (for chess programs).




Module 113-month Opening Preparation
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