Become a Strong Chess Fighter in 2023!
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The Strong Chess Fighter training program will improve your strategy, tactics, calculation and make you a strong attacking player.

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Strong Chess Fighter

The essence of this course is the strategy and tactics for attacking the king. You’ll learn to prepare and construct reliable attacks, to seize the initiative and obstruct your opponent’s counterplay. You will learn great tactics to demolish the last barricades and you will increase your calculation power, essential for a strong player.

By learning to attack, you will build a solid understanding of chess in general.

So, ‘Strong Chess Fighter‘ is a training program that will improve your both strategy and tactics. Moreover, you’ll experience the joy of playing more spectacular games with strong attacks.


A professional chess coach helps you whenever you need it

Wouldn’t it be great to have a chess coach at-the-ready to answer your questions? You’ll have just that!

Taking our course, you are entitled to professional chess coaching support and we are more than happy to help. If you need extra clarification with the subjects in the course, you can send us a support ticket. A chess coach will answer you immediately!


Follow a structured program of study and practice

With over 16 years of experience as an online chess school, we know exactly how to teach good chess. With this course, you’ll acquire long-lasting improvement in your chess performance.

You’ll follow a complete and structured program of learning strategy, tactics of attack that will make you a strong chess player in general.


Positions from your own game analyzed for chess lessons

What can be better than to have positions from your own games analyzed? After you complete the course, you are entitled to send us six of your recent games for analysis.

We’ll make tailored chess lessons for you, using positions selected from your own games. The objective is to strengthen the information taught in the course.

Strong Chess Fighter

Strong Chess Fighter is a 12-week course which focuses on attacking strategy, tactics, calculation and essential elements of the thinking process.

The course includes full coaching support.

Every week for 12 weeks, you get access to a new set of lessons on your account.

You can read the lessons and replay the chess moves directly in your browser.

After the course, positions from your own games will be analyzed by a chess coach to create more lessons just for you.

$197 US
$147 US

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Our Chess School

We have over 20 years of experience in chess tutoring and 16 years as an online chess school. More than 10k students have studied with us and have all achieved excellent results. Many of our students have reached Chess Master level and above. Some of our students became chess coaches themselves. Read some of the testimonials below:

“… for 3 years I’ve been reading/studying everything I could find and nothing compares to your method/approach and the clarity. …Only 3 weeks and already I look at the board with new and fresh perspective that promises to LEAD SOMEWHERE!!” – Michael C.

First of all, I’d like to tell that your chess course has an extraordinary effect on my latest results. …as more and more pieces of the puzzle start to fall in place, I’m playing with a lot more confidence, I have won almost all of my latest games and will be gaining at this moment already approx. 130 ELO-rating points in 3 months.” – Bart C

“Speaking as someone who has over 500 chess books (I am somewhat of a collector) I have found this program to be HIGHLY instructive and easy to assimilate.” – Roland W

“I am delighted with the lessons which are superb and by far the best instructional material I have ever read.” – Laurence D.

“I think the materials are wonderful. Definitely they are not something you can read in a book, and they are also very practical for your play.” – Eric E

“I’m 52 years old and began 2 years ago playing in Internet. I have a lot of books, DVD, and, believe me, no one explain chess like your Chess School. Now I begin to understand really HOW TO PLAY CHESS! To qualify these lessons there are only three words…1. EXCELLENT…2. EXCELLENT…3 EXCELLENT.” – Balduino L., Spain

“I know how difficult it is to get good realistic and truly practical chess instruction. Your program is by far the best I have been able to find.” – Robert C., USA

 “Thanks to your method I’m now more and more able to use this knowledge to actually make difference in my play.” – I.S., USA

“[The course] is helping me to develop chess thinking skills that I have never had. […] My game is improving, a lot.” – Alden I.

“Your product is superb. I really appreciate the ‘no-shortcut approach’. I’ve learned a ton and can’t wait to keep practicing and learning. Thank you for providing this service at such a good price as well.” – Jared L.