Tailored Chess Course in Strategy and Skill

In chess, the journey to mastery is as unique as each player. The Tailored Chess Course is crafted to enhance your individual strengths and tackle your specific challenges. It’s more than learning chess; it’s about mastering your personal style of play.

tailored chess course

Targeted Chess Training

After analyzing your chess games and selected games from peers in your group, we will create a chess course tailored for you and the rest of your group. This course will focus on building your strengths and improving your weaknesses. By concentrating on individual skills, strategy, tactics, and endgames, The course offers targeted and effective training that directly enhances your game performance.

Chess Course Overview

1. Personal Chess Style and Skills:

chess style

Participants are requested to submit six games, along with any in-game commentary. This enables us to grasp your playing style, strategic preferences, and areas requiring improvement. Most importantly, it allows us to craft a personalized improvement program tailored to your unique style, focusing particularly on leveraging your strengths.


2. Balanced Group Formation:

chess group

Students are grouped with peers who have similar skills and objectives, ensuring that the course material is diverse and the lessons are relevant and engaging for all members of the group. If you wish, you will have the opportunity to communicate with your peers, fostering a cohesive and supportive learning environment.

tailored chess course

3. Custom Chess Course Content

chess course

Based on the games you submit, we will develop a comprehensive course of about 200 pages. This chess course will focus on improving specific areas of your gameplay, incorporating relevant positions from your own games. Additionally, the material will feature examples from both your peers and grandmasters’ practice, ensuring a diverse and targeted learning experience aimed at enhancing key aspects of your play.

We will ensure the course is meticulously organized and structured, maintaining a clear focus on achieving predefined objectives. This deliberate structure is designed to aid students in concentrating on the most important aspects, essential for the enhancement of their gameplay. By delving into the decision-making processes during chess games, we also aim to improve time management and foster the development of new skills, placing a strong emphasis on the growth of the strong points.


4. Personalized Feedback Sheets:

chess assessment

Alongside the course, each participant receives a personalized feedback sheet. This includes direct references to the course content related to your chess game analysis and answers to your queries, plus personal recommendations to refine your playing style.


5. Deep Chess Learning:

learning chess

Our material, available as both a web-based course and a downloadable PDF, is rich in content tailored to your specific needs. Designed for a distraction-free learning experience, it is crafted to enable in-depth study and reflection.


6. Chess Discussion and Learning Group:

chess discussion group

Interested students can join a private group to exchange strategies, insights, and interact with peers. This community promotes collective growth and allows collaboration on chess problems, enriching the learning experience with diverse perspectives.


7. Continuous Chess Improvement:

Crucially, students will have the option to re-enroll in the tailored chess training later on. This enables ongoing progress tracking and continuous skill development. As your gameplay evolves, facing new challenges and opponents, each return to the course presents an opportunity to refine different aspects of your game, ensuring consistent improvement and mastery.


Experience a comprehensive, personalized journey to chess improvement across three different levels with the Tailored Chess Course, offering up to 100 pages of tailored chess instruction, including examples directly from your own games.

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1300 – 1600



1600 – 1850



Over 1850


Enroll Now and Elevate Your Chess Game!

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To enroll, please complete the form below with details about your chess experience and objectives, and submit your games. We will form groups based on students’ levels, skills, and study needs. Once groups are finalized, you will receive payment instructions to confirm your enrollment.

Ensure you have your games prepared in PGN or CBV format before proceeding.

The head of the chess coaching team for this tailored course is the FIDE Chess Trainer and International Master Nad-Titus Petre.

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