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At International Chess School, we have more chess courses. Here is a list of frequently asked questions, so you can decide what is the appropriate chess course for you. If you need more information, please contact us.

Chess Course “Strong Chess Fighter”

This is our newest chess course and it covers “how to think like a strong player”, strategy of attack, tactics, calculation and all aspects of chess and strategy in general. You will improve your chess in general, but the essence of the course is represented by the attack against the opponent king. We also offer coaching support and analysis of the students’ games as we explain below.

I need details about the course schedule.

After enrollment, you can access your account anytime you want and study the lessons at your own pace.

The course is structured in 12 weeks. Every new week for 12 weeks, you’ll get access to the set of lessons for that week.

A week has around 5-6 lessons, so approximately one lesson per weekday.

A chess lesson is typically 1-2 hours of study. The time you need to study a lesson also varies based on your current chess level, how you study the lesson and even how well you can concentrate on that particular day.

If you study at a slower pace, no problem. Access to the course does not expire. Your access to the coach support lasts for 6 months. You should send your six games for analysis within 2 months after you complete the course.

If you have more than 5-7 hours per week for chess study, that’s even better!. You can use your extra time for chess study by practicing. In this case, please contact us and tell us about your level, objective, time for chess study and other available materials (chess books, DVDs, online resources etc.).

After you complete the lessons and exercises of the 12-week course, you will get 3-5 chess lessons with positions from your own games. For this, you should send us 6 games you’ve recently played in tournaments. If you don’t have over-the-board chess games, you can send us games played online or other ways too. The games should be sent in PGN or CBV formats at our email address.
We will reply to selected positions from your games with comments that will enhance your learning process on the subjects covered in the course.

You can read the lessons and move the pieces directly in your browser (mobile, tablet, laptop or PC). There are ample diagrams that are easy to navigate to help keep you on track.

In addition to the lessons text, the course uses diagrams, schematics and other visual elements to enhance your learning process.

However, the classical game of chess means playing on a real chess board with real pieces.  The action of your hand moving the pieces and engaging your mind is vitally important. That is why, when you train for classic chess, we encourage you to practice with a real chess board and pieces, next to your device or printouts.

We are a team comprised of a top International Grandmaster, International Masters, FIDE trainers and professional chess coaches. We have trained Grandmasters and prepared professional players for top-level tournaments. You can see more details about our team on the chessmasterschool website: chess coaches.

More than 15 years ago, we started the online chess school Chess Master School (or International Chess School). With an in-depth program of chess training for one year and quality chess lessons, it was a tremendous success and our students obtained excellent results! Many of our students became chess masters and even chess coaches. You can check out some of our students’ testimonials on

In addition to the lessons, we always offered full chess coaching support. In all of these years,, we’ve had students from 9 years old or below a 1000 rating to students in their 80s or over a 2200 rating. We have answered all sorts of support questions, from explaining en passant to analyzing alternative positional solutions proposed by students of FIDE master level.

Over the course of 16 years, we have updated our lessons and program’s structure, to consistently offer the highest quality education. All of this experience has resulted in what we consider an exceptional program with finely-tuned chess lessons.

What’s more, at the end of the courses, we offer a unique analysis of the  positions you played from your very own games.

The term “beginner” in chess is understood very differently from person to person. We refer to a “beginner” as someone who knows the pieces’ value, can read chess notations and is able to easily spot when a piece is attacked or when the king is close to being checkmated.

If you are at this beginner level or above, then yes, Strong Chess Fighter is for you. Our chess training program suitable for anyone who already has basic knowledge and wants to become a good chess player. With our unlimited tutoring support, you’ll have all the assistance you need to excel in the course.

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Chess Course “Grandmaster Package”

This is our original, 13-month chess course that is available at It is the most comprehensive course and it is designed for intermediate-advanced players. Strong Chess Fighter complements Grandmaster Package very well.

More Chess Courses

At, after you enroll to the Grandmaster Package, you will be able to buy other one-year courses too: “Practical Chess” and “Systems of Champions“. They are based on annotated chess games and bonus video lectures.

We plan more lessons, but now we are inviting you to tell us what you would like:

I am a Chess Master or Candidate Master. What chess courses do you recommend for me?

At International Chess School, we have excellent materials created by Grandmasters, International Masters and very strong players. Please contact us to discuss your exact level and goals. We can ensure you are receiving the appropriate materials for your level and objectives.