Chess Lesson – Excerpt 2

This excerpt and the previous one are drawn from the important lesson “Piece Out of Play and Obstruction”. In the Grandmaster Package, we will find more information on this topic and other important chess lessons about Piece Quality.

We still want to offer you now some tips on how to avoid being left with a piece out of play.

10 Tips to Keep All Chess Pieces Active

  1. Rapid Development: In the opening, develop all your pieces quickly. Don’t leave any piece behind.
  2. Harmonious Flanks: Ensure even development across both flanks to prevent imbalances.
  3. Stable Squares: Ensure that the squares for your pieces are secure, to protect your pieces from being easily displaced by your opponent.
  4. Mobility in Closed Positions: In closed or semi-closed positions, where the center is blocked by pawns, ensure that your pieces can easily move and have enough space behind the pawns.
  5. Maneuverability: Maintain sufficient space around your pieces to facilitate effective maneuvers.
  6. Realistic Targets: Before moving a piece toward a target, ensure that your objective is realistic.
  7. Knight Placement: Avoid placing knights on the edge of the board unless it brings a specific strategic advantage.
  8. Bishop and Queen Placement: Position bishops and queens where they can target both flanks, e.g., a bishop on d3 typically offers wider scope than one on b5.
  9. Consequence Awareness: Be mindful of the consequences of your moves; when moving a piece or pawn, try to avoid blocking other pieces.
  10. Purposeful Positioning: Aim to place your pieces in positions that not only fulfill immediate objectives but also allow for flexibility in pursuing future objectives.

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